Graduate Degree Information

Admission Requirements

To be admitted for a graduate degree, students are expected to satisfy The University of Alabama Graduate School's general requirements for admission. Each applicant must submit scores on the verbal, quantitative, and analytical portions of the Graduate Record Examination; the advanced portion is preferred but not required.

Application Deadlines

1. U.S. citizens or permanent residents are expected to complete their application at least six weeks before the anticipated date of registration. If you are requesting admission and financial aid for the fall semester, your application should be completed before February 15.

2. International applicants outside of U.S. are expected to submit their applications at least eight months before the anticipated date of registration. If an international applicant is currently residing inside the U.S. then he or she should apply at least four months before the registration. An applicant whose application is completed well in advance of our deadlines will be more likely to be admitted and to receive his or her admission and immigration materials in time for visa and travel arrangements to be made. If you are also requesting financial aid for the fall semester, your application should be completed before January 15.

Information for International Students

Degree Requirements

The Mathematics Department offers a Master of Arts and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics.. There is also a joint Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics with The University of Alabama system campuses at Birmingham and Huntsville.

The requirements listed below are all included in the Graduate Catalog. You should consult the current catalog for complete information about University policies. Incidentally, if University degree requirements happen to change during your stay at the University, you will be subject to the rules that were in force when you first enrolled, not to the new rules. Changes made at the departmental level may work retroactively, depending on the circumstances.

Students with deficiencies in their preparation may remove them by taking the appropriate undergraduate courses at The University of Alabama. For example, if necessary, beginning graduate students should take MATH 587 which is an introductory course in Real Analysis. These courses will not be awarded graduate credits or count toward the number of hours required to earn a graduate degree. The Graduate Program Director will help you determine if you need to take an undergraduate course.

Every graduate student must maintain a grade point average of "B" or better. A student whose grades drop below a "B" average will be placed on academic probation. According to University regulations, a probationary student who cannot return to a "B" average within the next twelve hours of graduate work will be dropped from the program. Furthermore, in order to graduate, at least 75% of the credit hours that are counted as part of the requirement for the degree and approved by the Graduate Advisory Council must be completed with a grade of "B" or better. You must meet with your advisor before each semester, in order to ensure that you are following a suitable program of study. A complete list of courses offered by the university can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

The Graduate School requires all students for an advanced degree to submit an "Admission to Candidacy" form. Master's students can only do this after receiving 12 hours of graduate credit, and PhD students only after passing the Qualifying Examination and having their dissertation proposal approved by their dissertation committee. All students must submit an "Application for Degree" form, which can be found on the  Graduate School's web site, must be approved by the end of the registration period for the semester in which the student expects to graduate. If a student fails to graduate that semester, a new application for degree form must be submitted.

The Master of Arts Program in Mathematics

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Mathematics

The Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics (Joint Program with UAB and UAH)

Past Qualifying Exams